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Advanced Facebook, Local, Email & Funnel DropMock Techniques
The 5-Week DropMock Mastermind ft. $45,000 Case Study

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If you’re looking for a “hands-on” coaching program documenting a real $45,000 DropMock deal to copy & paste Ross's funnel into your business...


The DropMock Mastermind

Catch 5 Training Modules:

  • Facebook Marketing with DropMock
  • Local DropMock Consultancy
  • Email Marketing with DropMock
  • DropMock Sales Funnels
  • $45,000 DropMock Case Study

Fast-track your DropMock Deals with Our Complete,
Step-by-Step Training Program

Breaking Facebook, Local, Email or Viral Marketing DropMock Strats into Replicable Steps

Mimic Tested Deal-Closing & Viral DropMock Strategies to Cut the Learning Curve By At Least 2 Years With The DropMock Mastermind

The 3-Step DropMock Video System:

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Here’s What You’ll Get If You Join The DropMock Mastermind:

Module I - Facebook Marketing
with DropMock 

Learn viral DropMock video secrets leveraging Facebook. Create viral Facebook video content using DropMock and use FB to target hot leads.

Facebook clearly dominates the social media landscape where global internet users spend more than 1.5 hours on average every day. FB ad impressions have recently increased by 50% but you need VIRAL DropMock Video strategies to close them.

Module II - Local DropMock Consultancy

Selling DropMock videos and images to local businesses like Ross did for $45,000 is a step-by-step process that can be copied. We dissect local marketing strategies in this module so you can do the same.

Join us for this coaching module to learn proven methods of how to be a local DropMock expert. Setup your local DropMock consultancy immediately after this session.

Module III - Email Marketing
with DropMock

Email marketing funnels drive conversions and when combined with DropMock & a lead system to close local businesses, this puts your email marketing funnels literally on steroids.

Join us for this coaching module to learn our exact email marketing strategies in combination with DropMock so you can skyrocket conversions & close local clients instantly.

Module IV - DropMock Sales Funnels

$45,000 funnels need to be designed. Once you know how to design them it's a simple copy & paste process that you can repeat over and over again but you need a system.

Join us for this coaching module where we dissect the $45,000 sales funnel from start to finish including the RFP, how it was structured & how to scale these funnels up.

Module V - DropMock Case Study

$45,000. Yes $45,000. We're going to dissect this deal down to the nitty gritty. If we can we'll even get Ross on the call so you can hear it from his perspective discussing how before he was seated where you are and now how he's transformed that into a $45,000 deal.

Join us for this coaching module to learn Ross's method but it won't stop there - we'll also go into how to scale this to even larger deals!

Revolutionize Your Images, Videos and Marketing

The DropMock Cloud-based Design Suite creates high-end mockups that stun & convert every audience.

- HC Loh
Janet More,

Adam is amazing! He can quickly understand what is going on in your business and give you super action steps that you can make right away to make a difference in your business! He is all about taking action and making it simple and easy to do! He has given me advice no other mentor has been able to give me!

Janet More, Geek Appeal Academy

- Thorsten Marten, Managing Director, Internetagentur Hamburg
Palmer Osias,

Every encounter I have with this man helps myself grow as a person of character. His ability to set his priority and complete his goals is one of the many traits I've observed and kept notice during my times with Adam and I genuinely thank him for providing another perspective to make the most of my time present and future.

Palmer Osias, Health & Fitness Coach

- Daniel Isaiah Shalach
Anwar Laroussi,

Adam O'Leary has been a pleasure to work with, the value he brings to business is terrific, his knowledge has not only helped me but as well helped others, his technical ability whether it's online or in finance has brought great value to our past business practices.

Anwar Laroussi, Startup Consultant

- Mike Gilbert

- Marshall Utterback
Deejay O'Flaherty, Marketing Consultant

I finally managed to start the mastermind training, I was blown away for how in depth the facebook one was (still have the others to see) I plan to start implementing it soon with ad campaigns.

Deejay O'Flaherty, Marketing Consultant Pimp Up Your Web
Joe Oricchio

We thoroughly enjoy the DropMock marketing graphics & video platform. We have found the interface to be intuitive, smooth, responsive and a pleasure to use. DropMock provides a broad selection of graphic and video templates all unique creatives done by them in-house. The output is exactly as depicted in the editor and the outputs have been outstanding. We look forward to making better use of the built-in MyDrive which seamlessly hosts our produced work with links for our own business development, marketing and prospecting purposes.


The training has been exceptional. It’s fast paced, covers all grounds and in the online sessions, Lee Pennington and Laura Petrauskaite patiently address every question.


One of the items we especially appreciate is DropMock doesn’t show our clients how we are creating the final product. Not only in the output files, but the url links back to our work on the MyDrive do not communicate how we are producing the work. By not forcefully inserting their branding, the owners of DropMock have shown their support of not only their product, but of their clients and their businesses. This demonstrates DropMocks long-term view of business building and endearing a user base that in turn will build a highly loyal fan base.

Joe Oricchio

The coaching will be training modules via 5 webinars.

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Cheers to your success.

-Lee Pennington & Adam O'Leary

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