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DropMock has enabled me to significantly reduce production costs in creating mockups, by reducing the time I need to sit at my computer while working in Photoshop. The DropMock drag and drop GUI makes what was once a challenging task for many, into an easy three-step process. In addition, the cross section of mockups ranging from PCs and tablets, to magazines, billboards, galleries, etc., offers wide appeal to both photographers and ad agencies, and their respective clients. I am also sure that as the DropMock portfolio increases over time, so will wide spread usage, and the brand will have recognition in the marketplace with names as familiar as Photoshop and Gimp, for example. I have created mockups for a band in Vancouver, B.C. and also for an actor in Seoul, Korea. In both cases, the response they in turn received within their social media, such as Facebook and Twitter was incredible. I also captured a great image of the Vancouver Police Maritime Unit heading out on Burrard Inlet, and when I posted the image into a mockup in a mall, they first inquired as to where this location was in Vancouver. When I explained that it was a mockup, they simply loved the idea! I have had a camera in my hands since the 1960's and have managed to create a considerable portfolio over the years. I presently post my work on my site:
The Narrative Lens http://thenarrativelens.photoshelter.com/gallery-list ,
Seoulbro https://500px.com/seoulbro at 500px, and
Cameron-Wood Pixel http://cameron-wood.pixels.com/index.html?tab=galleries
and am also pleased to day that Tourism Canada along with B.C. Tourism, and Vancouver Tourism all follow me on Twitter. Now with DropMock as a further tool in my photographic arsenal, I have more to offer my prospects and clients.

Cameron M. Wood, Seasoned Photographer
Cameron M. Wood, Seasoned Photographer The Narrative Lens

DropMock has enabled me to stand out from the crowd with regards to presentation work. My clients are engaged in work that require heavy graphic representation - be it with an event coming up, sales of books, holiday events, and so on.

Anything that can give them an edge in the marketplace is more than welcome and DropMock has enabled me creatively fulfill that need.

I love the sheer ease of use with DropMock! Just a few clicks and your masterpiece is ready - can it get any simpler than that? In an environment where there are tons to learn and know, the fun, easy-to-use, yet powerful tool of DropMock makes it stand in a class of its own!

DropMock has opened my eyes of what more is possible with design. We spend a considerable amount of time on design, without sometimes thinking on HOW that design is showcased. I'm amazed at how the perception can shift drastically for the better when a design is showcased in a unique way. The templates provided in DropMock really hones in on this important piece.

I am currently a Website Developer and Online Marketer. I help clients in various fields : non-profits, churches, small businesses, etc. both in web development and also in their online marketing, which can also include graphic design.

Shade Odeinde , Website Developer
Shade Odeinde , Website Developer www.peacockshades.com

As a graphic designer I am always looking for a shortcut to cut down my work load. I have found a few good tools that make my life easier.

Recently I found DropMock an online Mockup image creator that is simple to use and puts out the highest quality images available. I immediately put it to use and got positive feedback from clients, customers and family and friends on Facebook.

My name is Joe Ferdinando and I run a service through Ferdiworks.com creating websites, doing graphic design and providing professional video services.

I believe that DropMock is a tool that every Graphic designer should have in there tool box. I am amazed at how easy it is to use and the templates that are available to use. I got the upgrade for monthly templates and I am happy to see all the new exciting templates.

I started to use these mockups for video. I created a few videos that are now part of the Training videos in the Dropmock member’s area!

Joe Ferdinando, Expert in Websites and Graphic designs & Professional video services
Joe Ferdinando, Expert in Websites and Graphic designs & Professional video services Ferdiworks.com

Over the past few years though, I have realized that above all, I am a communicator, and as a result, photography and image editing, plus video have become a key part of what I do!

While I would still have work performed by experts in these fields, Dropmock gives me the ability to create a lot of content for my projects without costing more. I have begun using Dropmock images for content that I create, as well as using with them with video, which quite a number of other Dropmockers are doing as well.

Even something as simple as images on my blog have improved beyond measure. The other outstanding feature that I have found with Dropmock is the community that has grown on Facebook.

As good as the product is, the people there have added another dimension, challenging and inspiring me to greater things. I am more than happy to recommend Dropmock , the team behind it, and the community that continues to grow around it.

Allan Cockerill, Communicator and Writer
Allan Cockerill, Communicator and Writer http://allancockerill.com

I absolutely love DropMock, and am amazed at the ease of use as well as the quality of the finished creations.

They are quick and easy to make, and so much fun.

My husband is a musician, and so far I have been able to make several mock ups to help him in his marketing.

I look forward to the future with DropMock and all it has to offer.

Ann Haerr, Writer
Ann Haerr, Writer Business Entrepreneur

DropMock positively helped me in my work by giving me access to professional mock ups. It has provide me with outstanding technical training in the craft of graphic and video design.

Last, being a member of DropMock has united me with like-minded professionals share and help each other.

We are family.

I have experienced nothing short of outstanding customer service, training, and inspiration from Lee Pennington and the LeadSeven DropMock Team.

DropMock is a forward thinking and innovative team of professionals who help businesses owners provide quality product lines to expecting customers.

JohnLuke Ealey II,
JohnLuke Ealey II, CEO of EaleyGraphics

I just love DropMock!

It has helped me to get started to break into the field of using videos. I have seen nothing like this anywhere. I started by sending family photos to relatives with great feedback. I will now use this in my business and market to clients. I am in an investor of real estate. It's clearly going to make a huge difference in my business.

Yvonne Brown
Yvonne Brown Real Estate Investor

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