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Gives 3 options of Hi-Definition, Illuminate and Color Fix to ensure that the quality of your image isn’t compromised and you get the desired filter or look for your image to look closest to perfection.


Gives you the quality and quantity of filters that’s put Instagram & Retrica to shame. Effects provides you with a bunch of great filters you can use to change the appearance of your photos.


Choose from a broad range of frame to spruce up your images and enhance their presentability quotient. Combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture with borders instantly.


Choose from an exciting assortment of stickers to add to your photos. It even allows you to share your created canvas wherever you like. Make your imagery more engaging and market your business faster!


Filter out unwanted aspects of your image to keep it short and crisp and resize your mockups to the desired size so it fits well in your frames.


Choose from different orientations you’d like to apply to your mockups: Portrait/Landscape or Mirror effects.


Play around with the visual elements in your image and add an aesthetical value with play of focus in your images.


Even if your image has been shot from a camera phone, worry not! Tweak the lighting in your images from here and control the key elements of: Brightness and Contrast


Alter Saturation, Warmth and Sharpness from here to change the color of your images! And create razor sharp images even if your original image is blurry.


Feel free to add personal touches to your images by drawing on them and adding a new and unique elements which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.


Used to fill color in larger areas. Just select the color of your choice, select the area and SPLASH!


Use it to write across your images and add your own personal messages to make every image unique.


You had the perfect pose, clothes and everything to make your shot the best, but then you find yourself with GLOWING red eyes! With Red Eye Remover, you can do away with this photographic error forever!


Provide cleaner image quality and higher color saturations with whitening. When the white areas of an image appear dingy, you can use this technique to brighten and whiten those areas.


Correct any spot blemishes or areas that need brushing up or fixing. The blemish corrector will ensure you get spotless mockups!

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